Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Imagery @ random (artwork crops/graphics/film shots) from project "2026".

Loving this Smasha...next?

The Bubble

We've been collaborating with stencil artist Smasha on another project about life in the bubble (that's Bondi if you're not from the hood). This is some of the first stuff to come out of a whole lot of fun work. Part documentary, part street art, part suck it and see mayhem, it's all coming out in some pretty nice bits. The project is called "2026", it's ongoing and we expect to see it out and about in a few galleries soon, in fact there's some pieces in Urban Uprising on Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.

Join facebook page '2026' for updates from Smasha. More here soon.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Historic Houses Trust: 1950s Fair/Rose Siedler House

Shannon Crees

Shannon is a painter, a street artiste and a fashion designer all rolled into one - from 
the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We're conspiring together on projects and can't wait 
to get started...soon Shannon, soon. More...www.shannoncrees.com

Tony Abbott - Leader of the Opposition.

Fresh out of the water after a surf and into the studio 10m away on the beach...and a top bloke too (honestly!). Cheers Tony (1st name terms).

Irving Penn (June 16 1917 – October 7 2009) - a belated R.I.P.

Famous for his awesome and groundbreaking fashion work, Penn is also undersung as a 
pioneer of location studio photography being one of the first to take his studio to 
subjects in jungles, deserts and cities all over the world. 

It's a long time since Irving did this, since anyone did this seriously - we believe location studio photography 
offers endless unexplored opportunities today, in all kinds of areas.

Red, white and blue...

One of three fantastically flame-headed folk we shot recently. Couple more...www.krop.com/conspiracytheory
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