Saturday, November 14, 2009

Historic Houses Trust: 1950s Fair/Rose Siedler House

Shannon Crees

Shannon is a painter, a street artiste and a fashion designer all rolled into one - from 
the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We're conspiring together on projects and can't wait 
to get started...soon Shannon, soon.

Tony Abbott - Leader of the Opposition.

Fresh out of the water after a surf and into the studio 10m away on the beach...and a top bloke too (honestly!). Cheers Tony (1st name terms).

Irving Penn (June 16 1917 – October 7 2009) - a belated R.I.P.

Famous for his awesome and groundbreaking fashion work, Penn is also undersung as a 
pioneer of location studio photography being one of the first to take his studio to 
subjects in jungles, deserts and cities all over the world. 

It's a long time since Irving did this, since anyone did this seriously - we believe location studio photography 
offers endless unexplored opportunities today, in all kinds of areas.

Red, white and blue...

One of three fantastically flame-headed folk we shot recently. Couple
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